How We’re Different

Seasoned veterans
Seasoned veterans bring important benefits.

Fulcrum’s Principals have each been active in the real estate investment business in major metro areas around the US for more than 30 years. During this time they have developed an extensive network of contacts and unsurpassed breadth of local market experience that, in turn, create off-market opportunities and contribute to better deal flow, asset selection and strategic decision-making.

Third-party leasing and management
Third-party leasing and management translates to freedom and flexibility.

Fulcrum intentionally hires third-party firms to manage and lease all of its properties. This decision is grounded in two fundamental principles regarding alignment of interests with our investment clients:

• It allows us to select the very best teams for specific assets, and, if a change is required, to execute it quickly.

• We will sell an asset when appropriate, rather than hold it in order to retain employees and/or fee streams.

Collaboration leads to better informed and balanced decisions.

Our intensely collaborative asset management process generates creative and optimal decisions driven by our broad and deep involvement in diverse aspects of real estate investments. In short, every investment is managed by the entire firm.

We operate with confidence
We operate with confidence in both up markets and down.

Fulcrum’s investment philosophy pays important respect to the understanding of cycles. One of the most important inputs to strategic investment decisions is where an asset and market are in the cycle, i.e., when to buy, when to chase occupancy, when to sit tight, and when to sell. Our principals have been through multiple cycles dating back to the late seventies. We understand the opportunities and risks that present themselves at every stage.

Fiduciary mindset
A deeply embedded fiduciary mindset assures peace of mind.

Our principals’ many years of experience in the institutional advisory business have engendered a culture of responsibility and accountability at Fulcrum. Unpredictable asset challenges are faced with integrity, forthright assessment and consistent, clear communication.

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